Organizer Help

What should I do after I launch my campaign?

You have built a larger network of supporters. Continue to build relationships with them on the WonderWe Social Network. Engage key supporters to be advocates for a future campaign, event, or volunteer experience. Thank media and bloggers who supported your campaign.    

What should I do once my campaign is launched?

Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Ask your Advocates to share your campaign. Update your supporters on amounts raised. Highlight the impact of current contribution to donors and perspective donors. Send out e-newsletter to update supporters on the campaign and continue to rally supporters. Keep media and bloggers updated on… Read More

What should I do before I launch my campaign?

Establish campaign launch date – creating key dates will help you create a roadmap for informing supporters Rally Campaign Supporters to Be Your Advocates – campaign advocates will share network of family and friends who will also help promote your campaign, ask advocates to share email addresses and key contacts that can champion your cause,… Read More

What are the best ways to share my campaign?

Each campaign will have a unique We#code and URL link. We encourage you to share the We#code and link on social media. The We#code and link are also easy to share via email. We#codes can be used to help brand campaigns by adding the distinguished We#code to t-shirts, flyers, and stickers.