WonderWe Overview

How do I start using WonderWe social network?

1.Start following others On WonderWe, you can follow individuals, organizations, and campaigns. Individuals are people like you who are interested in making an impact. Organizations are non-profit organizations, and campaigns are created by individuals and organizations so users can donate to a specific event or segment of the organization. 2. Read your feed Posts from… Read More

Who can raise funds on WonderWe?

Nonprofits and individuals can raise funds on WonderWe. We are the #1 Crowdfunding platform for faith, family, and friends. Anyone can raise funds for meaningful causes and life milestones. Feel free to email us at support@wonderwe.com for references.

How do I mention a user in a post and use #hashtag?

Type in @username of the recipient to write your message. There is a 333 character limit. All messages are public to everyone. Use the comment and share features¬† to highlight topics that are interesting and important to you. Use #hashtag to have discussions around a specific topic. Users create hashtags by placing the hash character… Read More

What is WonderWe?

WonderWe is a crowdfunding platform that helps users form relationships with each other, with meaningful causes and nonprofit organizations. It’s easier than ever to get connected to your favorite causes and nonprofit organizations, raise and donate money to campaigns you care about, and make an impact.